Atreia comprises of Elysea and Asmodae whereas in World of Warcraft, there were two more expansions that was added to the game namely the Outland and the Notherend, thus widening the area where the player can choose to play. There are two methods to making serious gold with the Darkmoon cards. Share a quest, do the whole cheat engine deal, and freeze the value of that quest at the one for darkmoon cards. Note that all Darkmoon Card Quests work. I have to note though, once you complete it the first time, you cannot accept the quest again. Please note that the second method is strictly server based. The first method will still make you serious gold without you having to do a thing. Method One: (Credits to Winsane for this and the automation. With this one, you will be able to get both Volatile airs and life while farming for the Whiptails. This quest can be accepted at level 1 however, so it is simple to just create a level 1 and duplicate on that player.

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