The Premiere Pole Event in the Industry

The International Pole Championship (IPC), organised by the IPDFA is recognized as ‘One of the highest level competitions in the pole dance industry.’

IPC initiated the following categories into industry competitions Male Solo in 2009, a Disabled in 2010, and Doubles in 2011.

IPC was successfully featured on International channels such as Reuters, and the Associated Press, promoting the International Pole Championship. In fact, the pole dance industry has acknowledged IPC as ‘The Best Media Attended Event.’ The IPC has earned itself the reputation of ‘The Most Prestigious Pole Event in the industry’.

IPC is the only competition using 3 poles, and includes the following 5 divisions:
● Male Solo
● Female Solo
● Disabled
● Doubles
● Masters Divisions

Professional Pole Athletes are motivated by the quest to win the prestigious world title ‘The Ultimate Pole Champion’


There are 2 ways to gain entry into the semi-finals Stage of the elimination process:

  1.  Granted entry – National Title Holders
  2.  Individual entry – Online Application Process

There are 3 ways to gain entry into the ‘Final Stage’ 1

  1. Wild Card Entry  – IPC Reserves the rights to elect 3 Elite level Performers via invitation only IPC Previous Winners
  2. Granted Entry to the IPC Finals is automatically awarded to all Ultimate Pole Champions of the most recent IPC Finals and the most recent Pole Idol. These individuals will be contacted automatically.
  3. The National representative of the IPC hosting country
Competitors and Judges

The Judges

The  IPC event requires an exceptionally high standard to Judge. Individually sent an honorary invitation to make their appearance on the panel at the next IPC. These specialists in their field form a team of highly acclaimed experienced International Judges, who’s expertise are sought after. IPDFA has an extensive Judges Training program, based on IPC’s high standards to ensure that there is conformity within the judges scores as set within the rules and regulations of IPC.

IPC Elimination Process

There is a 4 phase process before a performer can state they made it to the finals stage of the IPC. 1. The entry process, whether via title, invite or solo applications all entries are paid for and a video is submitted. IPC / IPDFA reserves the rights to use footage for marketing and advertising purposes. 2. Eliminations begin and a maximum of 25 performers per category are shortlisted. 3. Semi Finalist Stage is again judged and just 6 finalists from each category will make the Final Stage of the event. 4. The IPC finals Stage and Premiere event

IPC Judging Criteria

3 Winning Titles per Category. PoleFit is awarded on technicality, strong lines, holds, drops, flips, tricks & unique combinations. PoleArt is awarded on artistic expression, musicality, creative choreography, interpretive shapes with demonstrative narration through flawless movement. Deductions are minused for slips, falls, or using the truss etc. The Ultimate Champion in each division has the highest overall scores in Art & Fit (minus deductions)

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