IPDFA PolePro Strapping Course

ROCKTAPE INJURY STRAPPY COURSE – (studio PDF’s available for
purchase and all strapping is supported with online video guidelines.
We recommend the course to anyone in our industry who would be interested in preventing further injury and Going Stronger Longer.

PolePro Instructor Courses have Partnered with Rocktape to implement a new short course available for everyone from beginner – advanced students, professional performers, competitors and Studio Owners.

What you’ll learn

  • Preventing Further Injury
  • Teaching the students how to strap Pole Specific Injuries and to Quote Rocktape to ‘Go Stronger Longer’.
    PolePro/Rocktape Injury Strapping Course Content incl Photos and Videos to illustrate correct techniques:
  • Understanding various Injuries – Tell tale signs you/ your student is injured
  • Specific possible Injuries sustained on level of development
  • Conditioning to avoid causing injury
  • How injuries progress to problems
  • Preventing further injury
  • Working with an injury
  • Rehabilitation outside the studio.
  • Strapping techniques for all levels beginner through to advanced.



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