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$ 100 per Year

  • Your details available on our platforms
  • Shared links and databases for social media and websites
  • Updates & info on new product, product launches & product competitions
  • Monthly newsletter – updates with regards to all aspects of the industry
  • Discounted rate at 15% discount on any ipdfa certification courses
  • Access to discounted products, competitions and new product launches
  • Custom pole injury strapping courses, vidoes, pdf poster and strapping tape available 15% discount


$ 100 per Year

  • Join our international instructor exchange program
  • Travel the world
  • Get insurance through ipdfa EURO 30 for one year
  • 15% discount on all courses offered through IPDFA
  • Employee’s rights learn your legal obligations and exemptions
  • Industry insurance available through ipdfa
  • Personal details available 365 days per year
  • Be your own boss own a business through ipdfa as a master trainer
  • Connect with students, studios, instructors industry opportunities
  • IPDFA e-news monthly Newsletter
  • Brand, industry opportunity and connections introduced through the ipdfa exchange program
  • Discounts on industry events, competitions and ticket sales

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$ 150 per Year

  • Brands, associations, affiliates & businesses
  • Cross branding with shared database, links to social media & websites
  • Business details available 365 days per year
  • Advertising platform direct target market
  • Make use of our blog to increase awareness
  • Access to our IPDFA membership registrar
  • Connect with competitions, sponsorship opportunities
  • IPDFA e-news monthly. Advertise through IPDFA increase your reach
  • Discounted advertising and marketing rates for members 20% discount
  • Articles & interviews
  • Platform to launch new products
  • Competitions and product giveaways & awareness platform
  • Over 90k followers on Facebook


$ 100 per Year

  • Setting standards for the athletes of our industry
  • Quality & regulations for performers travelling
  • Back stage expectations and regulatory requirements
  • IPDFA performers representative to industry marking base level acceptance / expectations
  • Base standards set for various level performance (Amateur / Professional / National / International)
  • Advertise workshops that can be promoted to our 90k followers
  • Insurance information – recommended insurance for performers
  • IPDFA performers registrar to allow brands to search through for Sponsorship opportunity
  • Connect winners with brands looking to sponsor athletes
  • Governing body to seek legal advice on athletes behalves


$ 100 per Year

  • Safety requirements and special needs for studios
  • Performance requirements and safety regulations for competition organisers
  • Back stage and or requirements for performing
  • Physios around the world recommended for when they travel
  • Disability support in each country
  • Travel assistance
  • Care workers
  • Insurance can be arranged at EURO 30 per person per annum

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