The International Pole Dance Fitness Association has been operational since 2007. Today, Pole Fitness is recognised as one of the fastest growing sports in the World, it is referred to as an extreme sport, Pole Fitness is practiced by a range of students including kids, males, females, masters (over age 40) and people with disability.

Hosted by IPDFA, The International Pole Championships (IPC) is the Premiere Pole Event in the Industry. Elite athletes representing their countries on stage the finals division of the world championship.

The International Pole Dance Fitness Association was initiated by Ania (Anna) Przeplasko In 2007. Ania was one of the industry’s leaders in pioneering the rapidly exploding pole industry, revolutionising the public perceptions of the past, and bringing the world to speed on the new, exciting, emerging trend of pole fitness. The intention was to get pole accepted by insternational sporting organisations, respected and accepted as an international fitness program, practised as a unisex sport.

Ania had also intended the IPDFA for the industry’s members, with a vision to become a communicative network platform, where all aspects of the pole world come together under one umbrella. A space where people are approachable, and where pole related questions are welcomed. These questions are answered and information is readily accessible by its members.

Ania’s ethos, vision and dream continue as we encourage discipline, passion and professionalism from all members of IPDFA.

To continue on with this vision, the IPDFA will aim to serve as the industry’s communication network platform. The International Pole Dance Fitness Association will represent and relay the regulations and guidelines internationally agreed upon.

At present pole fitness is attracting professional dancers and gymnasts, raising the standards set for diversity of people training pole. Today we can say that pole is a combination of acrobatics, dance, movement, technique, strength and balance.
Pole Fitness is recognised as one of the fastest growing sports in the World, it is referred to as an extreme sport, practiced by a variety of students, for competition purposes categorised into the following divisions kids, males, females, masters (over age 40) and people with disability.


Pole Fitness is one of the 6 new sports on trial to be accepted into future Olympic events, this trial will take place in Tokyo Japan 2020,

To ensure the advancement of pole fitness sport, studio owners need to employ only qualified instructors. it is no longer acceptable to own or run a studio without instructors that have qualifications and an understanding of the importance of the safety aspects of teaching. IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are the Most Comprehensive courses in the industry, and are internationally recognised and accredited.

From 2007 – 2015 Ania led a strong team of pioneers, with Vea Lee as her Vice President.
Vea Lee created the PolePro Instructor Courses in 2008 and in 2016 Tracey Ecclestone took over from Vea as Director of PolePro Instructor Courses.

In 2016 – 2019 Samantha Browne took over the role of President of IPDFA with Tracey Ecclestone as her Vice President.

IPDFA is now under the leadership of the extremely passionate President Tracey Ecclestone with Stefania Roberto as her Vice President.

Tracey has an array of qualifications and expertise that compliment her role as President of IPDFA.


2020 – IPDFA is under the leadership of Tracey Ecclestone as President, and Stefania Roberto as her Vice president.

2020 – Pole Fitness will be one of the 6 new sports on trial in Tokyo, at the Olympics, this will hopefully result in witnessing Pole not only accepted as a sport, but to be recognised, accepted and competed as an Olympic sport.

2016 – 2019 The IPDFA was under the leadership of a new President Samantha Browne, with Tracey Ecclestone as her Vice President. Tracey took over running the IPDFA instructor courses as the IPDFA Global Master Trainer, on behalf of Vea Lee and IPDFA.

2015 – Ania stepped down as the President of IPDFA and Vea Lee ran the IPC and IPDFA until 2016. IPC was held in Hong Kong.

2014 – Ania had her first of 2 children, Vea Lee was to take on the IPC for 2015 and Ania took a backseat to attend to her family. The second edition of the IPDFA Pole Positions book was launched, with Natasha Wang being one of the first IPDFA sponsored representative athletes.

2013 – E-Pole Judge Introduced, made an international appearance at IPC to provide the Pole Dancing Industry with an easy to use online judging system that can be modified for individual competition. A Masters (over 40’s) division was introduced to the IPC. IPDFA introduced the Industry Conference to their IPC

2012 – The IPC introduced the Doubles Division to the Championship. The first edition of a book called IPDFA PolePositions a joint effort by the greatest pole authorities from around the World. The first edition was met with unprecedented enthusiasm by the international pole community.

2011 – The IPC event received accolade for being the ‘Most Media Attended Event 2011’ and ‘The Best International Pole Event 2011’ awarded by International Pole Dance Magazine. Master Trainers were selected from around the world to study and to begin to educate and qualify instructors on behalf of IPDFA.

2010 – IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses were launched. IPC again led the competitive industry introducing a Disabled Division to IPC.

2009 – Vea Lee took up the position of Vice President began to put her sports science degree to great use in developing Accredited Instructor Certification programs, on behalf of and representative of the IPDFA as an official association. IPC were the first in the industry to introduce a Male Division to their Championship.

2008 – Ania began to set foundational roots, the extensions for IPDFA to evolve as the International Pole Dance Fitness Association to become the Brand and Pole Leader it is today. The IPDFA introduced the industry to the International Pole Championship (IPC) Today. IPC is recognised as one of the highest level competitions in the pole dance industry attracting the best pole dancers in the world. Natalie took on the responsibility of Head Judge, to find, train and maintain a standard of Judge required to set the industry standards.

2007 – IPDFA Was initiated as an Association to represent Pole as a unisex sport, to be officially accepted by International Sporting organisations. This drive was initiated by the founder of IPDFA, Ania Pzerplasko, a legend, a lady, a dreamer, a visionary, a doer. Ania driven by her passion and exceptional leadership skills began a sporting revolution. Vea Lee was elected as Ania’s Vice President. Natalie Tekanawa assisted Ania until 2014 helping to develop the rules and regulations & judging criteria for the IPC.

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