IPDFA PolePro Instructor Beginner / Level 1

Online students are assigned a Master Trainer who is their personal tutor and will guide them through their courseware. 

Level 1 of the PolePro Instructor Certification Courses, will set any instructor off on their journey with confidence. Gain a comprehensive understanding of biomechanics, physics and forces of influence and how to apply these to pole. Learning various methods of teaching. Conditioning to prevent injury. Strapping a student for common pole injuries. Strengthen or increase flexibility by understanding muscle groups. Design a full class plan including warm up, cool down. Learn how to spot, how to teach, working with individuals within groups. Fundamental advancements in working with spinning & static poles. Hand & body alignment and hand grips.


IPDFA PolePro Instructor Courses are Internationally Recognised, Accredited & Endorsed by:

Aerial Arts Association. International Sports Organisation. Asian Academy for Sports and Fitness Professionals. FederSwiss. Malta Sport for All. Australian Strength and Conditioning Association. Italian National Olympic Committee . General Association of Asia-Pacific Sports Federations. International Department of Sport Performance. Beijing Sport University.  Federation of International Sport Aerobics and Fitness. Hong Kong School of continuing Education. Pole Dance Community EuropeActiv. International Sports Network Organisation

About the PolePro Instructor Courses

” The Most Comprehensive Courses in our industry”

Beside an army of qualified IPDFA PolePro Instructors, raising our Industry’s standards through our certification process . To teach is to comprehend all aspects of our sport, as a dance, a formula, performance, an art, and sports science, Instructor qualify with the confidence and understanding of how physics and forces influence a polers experience  on the pole. The courses concentrate on spotting, conditioning & an advanced understanding of biomechanics. PolePro Instructors learn to strap students, in a unique Rocktape/PolePro developed strapping course, a custom designed course for common pole injuries

As an IPDFA PolePro Instructor you will have the honour of presenting yourself as one of the most highly accredited sought after, knowledgeable, respected & favoured Instructors in our industry.

We cannot guarantee an instructor job at the end of the course, but we can guarantee that you walk away confidently, ready to apply for your instructors position, based on the reputation of PolePro course content together with  your knowledge and ability to breakdown and condition students to achieve almost any move.

IPDFA PolePro instructors instinctively recognise how to spot their students, practise studio safety and have impeccable teaching skills using specific teaching points. Instructors build muscle groups through uniquely designed conditioning programs.  IPDFA PolePro Instructors qualify through an internationally recognised, accredited, coherently developed certification courses. 

Become your own boss by applying to be a Master Trainer. As an IPDFA Master your skill set is developed to turn out instructors of the high standards set by IPDFA. Master Trainers have the knowledge to assess studios for safety compliance. Condition and develop Professional athletes, as well as educate and qualify instructors for the continual development of the Pole Industry.   


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