IPDFA PolePro Studio Owner Course

Studio owners are the leaders of our industry and whilst a huge percentage of owners, were not required to have certifications behind them when opening a studio in the past – be aware that this is a rule that is no longer accepted. There is a responsibility to owning a studio and the only way to avoid disaster is to be prepared with knowledge, skills, and an Industry standard qualification.
This 4 day course covers very important topics. 

What you will learn:

1 – Understanding the physics and mechanics on all levels of training, including rules of triangulation, horizontality, verticality and movement. Understanding how to transfer body mass onto the apparatus and to use our body shape and position to benefit our transitions and not have to use brute strength to progress.

2 – Advanced understanding of conditioning & Spotting Techniques from Beginner to Pro Levels, whether it be power, strength or mobility – guided by the European & Asian Federations of Circus Sports.

3 – Studio Auditing Processes, safety checks by law, a complete understanding of what is required to ensure your studio is running at government required standards of practice. Receive access to the laws behind being audited for safety standards, be prepared. Employer laws and contracts, rights and obligations.

4 – Injury Strapping for all injuries sustained whilst training in the studio. Studio owners will learn how to strap their students and instructors, to Prevent Further Injury or to nurture an existing injury back to strength. PolePro Master Trainers are trained up to become Advanced in Injury strapping through Rock Tape / PolePro Brand affiliation.


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