History of Winners

IPC 2008 Manilla

Ultimate Pole Champion: Anamarie Garbo
Pole Art:  Marsha Yuan
Pole Fit: Yuko Hasimoto

IPC 2009 Tokyo  

Ultimate Female Pole Champion: Mai Sato
Ultimate Pole Champion: Dave Kahl
Pole Idol: Sarah Cretul from
Studio of the year: Bobbys Pole Dance
Instructor of the Year: Jamilla DeVille

IPC 2012 Tokyo

2010 Ultimate Pole Champion: Mai Sato 
Ultimate Pole Champion: Duncan West 
Ultimate Disabled Champion: Eri Kamimoto 
Women Pole Art Champion: Zoraya Judd
Women Pole Fit Champion: Rafaela Montanaro
Men Pole Art Champion: Adam Tan
Men Pole Fit Champion: Chris Measday
Studio of the year: Bobbys Pole Dance
Instructor of the Year:  Jamilla DeVille

IPC 2012 Hong Kong

Ultimate Pole Champion: Oona Kivela /Chris Measday
Ultimate Pole Champion Doubles: Carlie & Travis
Ultimate Pole Champion Disabled: Deb Roach
Women Pole Art Champion: Laurence Hilsum, /Wilson Alexander
Women Pole Fit Champion: Rafaela Montanaro,/Adam Tan
Doubles Pole Art Winner: Masayo & Kazuya
Doubles Pole Fit Winner: Enchanted
Instructor of the Year: Elena Gibso
UK Studio of the Year – BeSpun,
US Performer of the Year  -Nataliia Tatarintseva
Choreographer of the Year – Carlie Hunter AUS & Kelly Yvonne, US (TIE)
IPDFA Industry Award: KT Coates
Instructor of the Year:  Jamilla DeVille

IPC 2013 Singapore

Ultimate Pole Champion Women: Natasha Wang, USA
Ultimate Pole Champion Men: Derick Pierson, USA
Ultimate Pole Champion Doubles: Enchanted, Australia
Ultimate Pole Champion Masters: Joanna Littlewood-Johnson, Australia
Ultimate Pole Champion Disabled: Eri Kamimoto, Japan
Women Pole Art Champion: Rafaela Montanaro, Brazil
Women Pole Fit Champion: Polina Volchek, Russia/USA
Men Pole Art Champion: Steven Retchless, USA
Men Pole Fit Champion: Oleksandr Schuhkin, Ukraine
Doubles Pole Art Champion: Suzie Q & Toby J, Australia
Doubles Pole Fit Champion: Mina & Nadia, USA
Masters Pole Art Champion: Greta Pontarelli, USA
Masters Pole Fit Champion: Joanna Derybowska, Poland
Instructor of the Year – Marlo Fisken
Studio of the Year – Choreography House
Performer of the year -Nataliia Tatarintseva
Choreographer of the Year – Sergia Louise Anderson
IPDFA Industry Award – Fawnia Dietrich

IPC 2015 Hong Kong

Ultimate Pole Champion: Oona Kivelä /Er Bing Lin
Ultimate Doubles Champion: Evengy Greshilov & Kira Noir
Ultimate Masters Pole Champion: Joanna Littlewood-Johnson
Ultimate Disabled Pole: Champion: Deb Roach
Pole Fit Champion: Joanna Derybowsk / Felipe Mendosa
Pole Art Champion: Andrea Ryff
Pole Fit Champion: Keiko and Maki
Pole Art Champion: Terri and Lisette
Pole Art Champion: Slava Ruza
Pole Fit Champion: Bendy Kate
Pole Art Champion: Kristy Sellars
Pole Idol: Carlii Hunter
Instructor of the Year: Natasha Wang
Studio of the Year: Body and Pole
NY Performer of the Year: Kristy Sellers
Choreographer of the Year: Carlii Hunter
IPDFA Industry Award: Michelle Shimmy

2018 Brisbane, Australia

Ultimate Female Pole Champion: Heidi Coker /Male – Dimitri  Politovole
PoleFit: Hanka Venselaar / Jeng Lei / Joanna Littlewood-Johnson
Pole Art: Natasha Wang, / Slava Ruza / Greta Pontarelli
Ultimate Doubles Pole Champion: Dimitri Politov & Polina Volcheck 
Pole Fit: Kazuya Naka and Masayo Okamoto
Pole Art – Maki Morishima and Keiko Takemoto
Ultimate Masters Pole Champion: Andrea Ryff 
Ultimate Disabled Pole Champion: Deb Roach
Pole Idol
Instructor of the Year – Anny Norris
Studio of the Year
Performer of the year  
Choreographer of the Year 
IPDFA Industry Award

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